Hi, I'm Charlie.

I make websites, write music, play videogames, skateboard, film stuff and write stories and non-fiction, not necessarily in that order.

I write about it all here, and I do tech stuff over at greyedition.

Have a look around!

A year on

26th March 2015

Welcome back.

Meenk - Scamu Scau

29th August 2014

A short, sweet burst of alternative energy in equal parts folk and rock.

The Case for a Mech. Keyboard

29th August 2014

Click and clack your way to increased productivity.


9th August 2014

In the grand scheme of things, books are generally not considered to be dangerous.

Utter Inspiration

7th August 2014

As a struggling novelist, Carl was equal parts frustrated and fascinated by how his ideas could flow freely in one moment, yet reduce to only a trickle in another.

Barcelona '14

28th July 2014

A brief update, and a few pics of Barcelona!